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Are you missing Bali s much as me?
Like many of you, our Bali holidays are on hold for a while. (thanks Rona!) and who knows when we'll get back, right?
So whilst we can't get there for now,  why not light a beautiful BALI candle and bring back fond memories.
I want this candle to make you feel just like you're there.
Tranquil, calm, relaxed.
So, it's got all the good stuff.
Ocean air, zesty lime, fragrant frangipani, and a hint of sandalwood.
Imagine walking along the sandy beach, with fresh, salty air, the exotic aroma of frangipanis lingering while at the same time, you're taking in the fresh, citrusy, limes of mojitos! Mmmmm.
I was inspired by my many trips to the beautiful island of Bali. 
I've been traveling there since I was 18 (a fucking long time ago!) and just love everything about it.
Especially the feeling of "contentment" the Balinese exude.
Light a BALI candle and feel content too.
It's an amazing fragrance.
It's the perfect Bali candle.
White glass jar with a dust cover.
300grams soy wax

Mr Blackwood:  He’s seductive, powerful, and mysterious. Spicy citrus, patchouli, cedar wood, warm leather, and musk. Be prepared to fall in love.

Mrs Blackwood:She may be sweet, but she knows what she wants. Ripe, black raspberries and exotic sandalwood with a light, musky, vanilla overlay.

Love: An endearing, fruity, floral blend of English pear, pink grapefruit, freesia, rose petals, vanilla & musk.

Tropical Dream: A fruity cocktail of guava, passionfruit, mango, lychee, banana, and peach with touches of coconut and jasmine.

Lemongrass & Lime:An explosion of fresh, citrusy, lemongrass combined with zesty lime and lemon peel.

Italian Fig: A slightly earthy blend of ripe, Italian figs, fresh berries, peach, green herbal notes, and a hint of vanilla.

Coco Lime: Fresh lime and mandarin, creamy coconut and vanilla with a touch of raspberry and musk.

Pink Flamingo: A fresh, flirty, summery fragrance combining zesty lemons, strawberries and sparkling wine.

Dolce Vita: Salted caramel, dark roasted almonds, peach nectar, creamy vanilla, and myrrh.

Melon Berry: Melons, mixed berries, guava, and pink passionfruit.

Bali: Land of the gods. Fresh, ocean air, lime, frangipani, and sandalwood.

C&W Cubans & Whisky: Subtle yet intense. This heady, masculine scent is reminiscent of jazz clubs from the old Havana past. Notes of woody, oak barrels, and hints of smoky, sweet tobacco blend perfectly with vanilla, cedarwood, and patchouli. (only available in The Tumbler)
⁣G&T Gin & TonicRefreshingly clean and crisp. Just like a G&T on a warm, Summer’s day. Fresh citrus and sophisticated herbal notes blended with a hint of basil and cucumber make for a perfectly balanced aroma. (only available in The Tumbler)

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