Well hello there. I'm so glad you’re actually reading this!

And I bet you’re here ’cause you love candles and all things fragrance?


Do you like to have nice things but don’t take yourself too seriously?
Are you kinda classy? Kinda not?

And you’re not easily offended? Don't mind a bit of sass?
Well then you’ve come to the right place, and we’re going to get along just great! 
'Cause nice things don’t have to be pretentious or expensive.

I’m Franca, Blackwood Soy Candles founder and maker.
I’m loud. I’m funny.
And I have a potty mouth.
Oops! Sorry, not sorry.
I do, however, make bloody awesome soy candles where fashionably funny and ludicrously luxe go hand in hand.
Whether you're looking for something for your sassy friend,your darling Nanna, or simply to treat yourself, you'll find it here.


From soy candles and aroma mists to room diffusers and luxury gift boxes.
Let me help you.
Be warned though; the F-Bomb range probably isn’t really for Nanna.  
But then again.


Using premium, soy wax and the finest, fragrance oils, all candles are hand poured by little ‘ol me in our home studio in Melbourne.

Affordable, luxury, home fragrances that seduce your senses and add a bit of cheek (but only if you like). 
Blackwood. Classy, sassy and a tad bad assy!
What are you waiting for?   
Go have a peek. 

Oh. Just quickly, before you go.
If you get really stuck on deciding which fabulous Blackwood fragrance to choose, I'd be happy to send you a complimentary fragrance card.
Just hop on over to our "contact" section, send an email and you'll be sniffing it before you know it!


How Blackwood came to be.

“Blackwood” is the name of our street where this all began. This is home to my school sweetheart hubby, our two young adult kids and of course me. Amongst the usual family chaos that is life, I manage to run my candle studio that I absolutely love.

When my beautiful Mamma passed away in 2015, I began lighting a candle every day, next to her photo.“Hey Mum” I still say,as I light it.To celebrate her life and bring her light into mine.

After a while I thought, I reckon I could make these. I didn’t want just any old candle. I did a little class and set about making my own. Before long, I was addicted and loved experimenting with new fragrances and jars.

I know Mamma would've been very proud of what I've created here at Blackwood and she would've loved everything. And don't worry,she was a bit of a joker so she'd probably love the F-Bomb range too !