That's Amore: Heart & Cornicello Bracelet FREE SHIPPING

$110.00 AUD
That's AMORE Bracelet: Heart & Cornicello
The Heart charm brings love into your life every, single, day.
The Italian horn, aka the "cornicello" is like having a little piece of good luck and protection right at your fingertips.
And my "B" logo, can stand for what ever you want it to.
Beautiful. Brave. Bold or even Bloody Beauty! 

The Heart, Cornicello & "B' hang happily off a sterling silver beaded, stretchy bracelet. Good size 4mm beads too!

This gorgeous piece is said to ward off the evil eye and keep you safe and sound. So, why not add a little Italian flair to your accessories and let the good luck vibes roll !


Mr Blackwood:  He’s seductive, powerful, and mysterious. Spicy citrus, patchouli, cedar wood, warm leather, and musk. Be prepared to fall in love.

Mrs Blackwood:She may be sweet, but she knows what she wants. Ripe, black raspberries and exotic sandalwood with a light, musky, vanilla overlay.

Tropical Dream: A fruity cocktail of guava, passionfruit, mango, lychee, banana, and peach with touches of coconut and jasmine.

Lemongrass & Lime:An explosion of fresh, citrusy, lemongrass combined with zesty lime and lemon peel.

Italian Fig: A slightly earthy blend of ripe, Italian figs, fresh berries, peach, green herbal notes, and a hint of vanilla.

Coco Lime: Fresh lime and mandarin, creamy coconut and vanilla with a touch of raspberry and musk.

Pink Flamingo: A fresh, flirty, summery fragrance combining zesty lemons, strawberries and sparkling wine.

Dolce Vita: Salted caramel, dark roasted almonds, peach nectar, creamy vanilla, and myrrh.

Melon Berry: Melons, mixed berries, guava, and pink passionfruit.

Bali: Land of the gods. Fresh, ocean-air, citrusy lime, frangipani, and sandalwood. Almost as good as being there.

C&W Cubans & Whisky: Subtle yet intense. This heady, masculine scent is reminiscent of jazz clubs from the old Havana past. Notes of woody, oak barrels, and hints of smoky, sweet tobacco blend perfectly with vanilla, cedarwood, and patchouli.  (available by request)

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